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Fusion Photography

The photography of your listings is the most important step in your marketing efforts. Photography affects everything - virtual tours, print materials, high-definition video, advertising and web sites. With Fusion, Elevated and Night Photography, Homevisit delivers unparalled experience, technology and quality to show your listings at their absolute best.

A HomeVisit exclusive, Fusion Photography combines multiple shots, lighting effects and processing to create a single image that offers 3-5 times as much visual range, detail, clarity and color. Fusion Photography creates images that are as close to what the naked eye sees as possible. While other companies claim to offer HDR or some form of Fusion, HomeVisit’s Fusion process is unique and exclusive. After over two years of intensive testing, we have developed a proprietary method of shooting and processing that we believe offers unparallelled quality, for web and print, at affordable pricing.

HomeVisit Fusion combines multiple exposures of varying light to create one superior single image!
Since we started shooting exclusively Fusion, we’ve seen our Virtual Tour statistic jump:
buyers now spend an average of 9 minutes inside each Virtual Tour!
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